Vintage & Modern Toy Fair is a collector’s fair for toys and pop culture memorabilia in Melbourne, Australia.
Thousands of items from all eras are presented for sale to the public by individual sellers in a fun and family-friendly environment.


Upcoming Events

Dates & Venues:

23 June 2024 Malvern Town Hall
11 August 2024 Caulfield Racecourse
20 October 2024 Malvern Town Hall

Upcoming events:

Malvern Show

Our next show for 2024 will be at Malvern Town Hall, the historic and beautiful venue renowned as a favourite for collectables fairs for decades. Both halls plus the stage and foyer will be chock full of seller’s tables offering all types of collectable toys.

The venue has street parking available, tram stops at the venue and walking distance to Malvern Station.

Tickets are on sale 8pm, Wednesday 5 June 2024. Follow us on our socials or join our mailing list to get more details.

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About Us

Vintage & Modern Toy Fair has a simple focus, and it’s right there in the name. Whether you collect toys from 50 years ago or are chasing the latest release you will find something of interest at our fairs. Our dealers are all independent sellers, some may have a small business selling toys, but most are just individual collectors like you who wish to thin out their surplus toys once in a while. We welcome all types of sellers and always aim to provide fresh stock and new faces at every fair. We operate by charging a fee to sellers to have a table at the fair, and a small entry fee to the public to attend on the day. We don’t own the stock that is for sale at the show, so it’s always a mystery and surprise what our sellers turn up with! If you have any interest in the toys of your childhood or the world of popular culture then this is the show for you.

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